Friday, August 15, 2008

Naples: Ferry to Sicily. Auto, and Sleeper Cabin.

Ferry, Naples to Palermo, auto and cabin

Take the Naples overnight ferry to Palermo. Take the car with you. There are sleeper cabins. On at 6 or 7 in the evening, there by 8 in the morning or so.

Make reservations because of increased interest in ferrying cars, but you may find that internet reservations may not get processed. Get there in advance, just in case. We tried to reserve a place on the internet, but there was no record at the dock. We got on line and did get on, but it was dicey.

Naples, cafe at the docks, waiting for the ferry to Sicily
Here we are waiting, with refreshments, in a cafe near the docks.

Return trip: We had wanted to leave from Messina, but that ferry was full, so we went back the beautiful resort-coast road to Palermo again. That completed a rough circle around Sicily, omitting the lovely Syracusa area for lack of time.

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